What is Kodiak Mission Prep?

Kodiak Camp refers to a high adventure rappelling, river rafting, shooting, activity based missionary preparation camp used by wards and stakes to prepare young men to serve as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is located in Star Valley Wyoming and includes, white water rafting, rappelling, the polar plunge, sword fighting, sports, shooting and other fun activities each tied in with a spiritual lesson. The camp is led by experienced certified leaders with return missionaries working with the boys and mentoring them. Boys will get up early like they would on a mission and study the gospel as companions.

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When is the Kodiak for 2020?

The camp is 4 days Wednesday through Saturday see June 2020 calendar, depending on the date your ward gets. We had to split some stake to attend two weeks as the camp is not big enough for all the wards in one stake to go the same week. 

Location Transportation?

The camp is in Star Valley Wyoming which is a 4 hours drive north from Provo Utah. Most of the wards will travel in a caravan together leaving Wednesday morning. There is also an option to head out one day earlier and camp in Wyoming near the Kodiak. It is recommend that a returned missionary from your stake are assigned to each vehicle. The camp experience begins with the returned missionary teaching the missionary discussions and sharing missionary experiences on the way up as well as guiding the boys in role plays. Or if you cannot fit your ward into a car this can be done by going up a night early and having the missionary share discussions and missionary stories  Wednesday morning before others arrive. This car ride with the returned missionaries is important to set the tone for the camp.

Cost per person $160 Includes prepared meals and activities.


Boys will be sleeping in tents with companions in districts. The boys wake up at 6:30 and studied individually for 10 minutes, with their companion for 10 minutes, and then with their district (the six guys in the same tent). Food will be provided and cooked by a full time cook but boys will have to help with clean-up and some preparation on occasion. There is also a lodge for meetings and meals.


The camp provides an overwhelming spiritual experience which not only strengths boy’s testimonies but also their desire to serve a mission. It also provides clarity in what a young man can do to prepare for a mission and a small glimpse into what the mission life can be like. One key example of this is the emphasis placed on armoring up each day, not only individually, but as a quorum.

Who Should Attend?

All Bishops, Priest Advisers, and Priest age boys (16-19) in the Stake.
Also, please suggest the name of strong return missionary who could mentor the boys in small groups.  

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