Friday (Day 3)

The young men awake at 6:30 and armor up for the day personally and with their companions. We will gather together as a group and allow the first assistant to raise his challenge coin in the air so all others can show that they have honorably armored up for the day. 


Gather together, have a thought and a prayer before and after breakfast.


Coal Canyon Shooting Range (map location)

Depart for the rifle range (Rifles Shooting, Shotgun/Pistol and PMG Station) 

Activity: Rifle Range 

Principles to be Learned 

    1. Importance of exact obedience as we are shooting rifles

Gather together, have a thought and a prayer.  The young men are split up into three groups. The first group will shoot shot guns at a skeet range.


The second will learn how to shoot big bore rifles at metal targets up to a thousand yards if they are exactly obedient to the instructions given.

The third will be assigned to the RM’s and will be taught lessons out of Preach My Gospel and are to write down goals that they need to 12 accomplish to further prepare for their missions.

Each group will remain at their station for a half hour and will rotate until all groups have been to each station. 

The young men are taught that if they are strictly obedient and listen to instructions they will be able to hit a metal target at 700-1000 yards. They are given step by step instructions on how to aim, breathing techniques and trigger control. When they obey they will hear the echo of the metal plate being hit. The RMs give a reflection on miracles they have experienced because exact obedience. They give examples such as, getting up at 6:31 am is not obedience. Exact obedience is getting up anytime before 6:30 am. 


Gather together, have a thought and a prayer before lunch. Sack lunch to be eaten on travel between shooting and rafting.


Gather together, have a thought and a prayer. Park cars at West table boat ramp (map location).  Some Adults will not go on the trip so they can help shuttle cars down river to Sheep Gulch Boat Ramp (map location).  They will need everyone’s car keys to be able to move their cars.

Activity: Rafting the Snake River 

Principles to be Learned 

    1. Importance of guides in our lives as we are going down the river 

rafting start

Each raft will have a guide which will give specific instructions that the young men will need to be obedient to remain safe in the raft. During the float trip, the young men will learn to work together and to avoid making mistakes so as a group they can be safe. After the rafting is over and on our drive back to camp, the RM’s will discuss with the young men the guides in the mission field that will help them to be safe. Such as District leaders, Mission Presidents, Zone leaders and the Holy Ghost, listening to the Holy Ghost with exactness so that the missionaries will be kept safe and learn how to endure to the end. The RM’s will give specific examples of the times they were obedient and were kept safe, and the times they were disobedient and how it affected their success of their missions. 



Gather together, have a thought and a prayer before and after breakfast.  Travel back to camp.


Gather together, have a thought and a prayer before and after dinner.

Presentation: Spirit, Distractions, Love

Principles to be Learned 

    1. We all feel the spirit a different way 
    2. A list of things that we do to drive the spirit away 
    3. A list of things that we do to allow the spirit to be a greater influence in our lives 
    4. To teach the young men how to pray their way through a meeting 


The facilitator teaches the young men how to feel the level of the spirit in the room and allows the young men to talk about how they feel the spirit individually. Because of the second nights presentation on mentoring, the young men now have felt the spirit in a way that they haven’t before, which makes it easier now to express how they feel the spirit. The young men will express the different ways that they feel the spirit such as, chills, a warm feeling, a shortness of breath, a burning in their bosom, an increase love in those around them, and a greater willingness to share how they felt. As each Young Man talks about how he recognizes the spirit personally — the Facilitator needs to ask all the young men to raise their hand if they feel the spirit the same way. This helps the young men to realize that all feel the spirit a different way and the way they feel the spirit will be how the Holy Ghost communicates with them IE., D&C 9:8-9. NOTE: Not all the young men (or children of god), feel a “burning of the bosom” and it’s ok, because they will receive answers to prayers according to the manner each young man recognizes the spirit. The young men recognize that some of the other young men recognize the spirit the same way they do and that they aren’t alone in how the spirit speaks to them and it’s usually in more than one way. 

The young men are taught how to Pray their way through a meeting [3 NE 20:1]. At the beginning of the presentation the young men are asked to think about a problem or a concern that they have in their life. They are given 3-5 minutes to pray silently to ask for an answer to their prayer. Examples of concerns that they pray for: 1) Does the Lord want me to go on a mission? 2) What can I do to better prepare for my mission? 3) How can I more easily receive revelation? 4) What am I doing in my life that keeps the spirit from having access to me? During this meeting, they are asked to continue to pray throughout the meeting and be aware of how the Holy Ghost will answer their prayer. 

The Facilitator discusses with the young men the idea from Gene R. Cook that when a meeting is convened in the name of the Lord, we have an opportunity to attend “a Second meeting” where the spirit has direct access to answer our prayers and concerns. 

Refer to Gene R. Cooks talk, “Teaching by the Spirit” CD with reference to being in the second meeting.

They will learn about distractions that keep them from feeling the spirit such as, having hard feelings towards other or themselves, spending too much time gaming, pornography, bad thoughts, vulgar speech, listening to inappropriate music, and understanding the innocence of the girls that they date and allowing that to stay in place. 


As the Facilitator discusses these distractions with the young men — the young men often times receive answers to their prayers regarding the amount of time they spend doing things that drive the spirit away. 

The Facilitator concludes this meeting by sharing a personal experience that exemplifies the love expressed by another person that changed his life. Because of the process the young men have gone through thus far during course, they tend to recognize the feeling of love the easiest. Therefore it is important that a real life experience “regarding the love of others” be shared with them, because it will assist them in receiving an answer to their prayer. At this point in the presentation allow the young men to express “how they feel” during the process of them receiving an answer to prayer. Ask the young men to raise their hand if they have received an answer to prayer. 

At the conclusion of this presentation the Facilitator asks 3-4 young men to stand and say a prayer. For example: After the first young man prays, point to the next young man and say, “your turn,” and continues this process until the spirit ills the room. This is done at the conclusion of the presentation to prepare them for the upcoming Testimony meeting. 

We conclude with a thought and prayer and again this day we have had 15-20 thoughts and prayers every time we meet and depart. 


After this presentation, we will have the young men and their leaders to move their chairs into a circle and one by one, clockwise, each one will have an opportunity to bear their testimony. When the testimonies are over, we have the presiding authority share his testimony, and pronounces a blessing on the young men and their leaders. 

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