Kodiak Camp is a name we have given to a High adventure activity based missionary preparation camp for Aaronic Priesthood boys 15 years and older. The course began in 2007 and has had over 2,100 participants attend. It is located in Star Valley Wyoming and includes, white water rafting, rappelling, the polar plunge, sword fighting, sports shooting and other fun activities each tied in with a spiritual lesson. The camp is led by experienced certified leaders with returned missionaries working with the boys and mentoring them. Boys will get up early like they would on a mission and study the gospel as companions. This course is designed as a three night, 4 day course for Priest aged boys in a stake or ward.

The camp follows the Aaronic Priesthood Leader Training Principles

  1. Be with them

  2. Connect them with heaven

  3. Let them lead

  4. Counsel together

Purpose of the Course

  1. Stimulate interest in serving a full time mission

  2. Give insights into daily mission life

  3. Recognize and identify spiritual promptings

  4. Develop brotherhood

  5. Have Fun

Highlights from Previous Camps

Attending Kodiak in 2020

This guide shows how the Kodiak Camp at Star Valley Wyoming is run.  This camp can be used as a model for you to copy and use locally with some adaptations.  The course directors welcome stake leaders interested in creating their own version of the camp to attend and participate in one of the four camps held in June 2020.

Kodiak Camp is a non-profit camp.  For the 2020 year the cost of the camp will be $175 per participant.

For Questions please contact David Hansen or Rick Craven at:

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